KS4 and Post-16 Outcomes


Congratulations to our Y11 cohort who have performed so well in their GCSEs. We are exceptionally proud of this cohort who have worked so hard all year. They are now in an excellent position to take their next steps into Post-16 study and beyond.

GCSE Results across subjects have had brilliant success with 43% of students achieving at least one of the top 9-7 grades. We were thrilled to see: 32 of our students achieve the top grade 9 in a range of subjects; 84% achieved a grade 9-4 in English Literature, 69% achieved a grade 9-4 in Maths; 84.6% of students achieved a grade 9-4 in French; 34.5% of students achieved a grade 9-7 in History; 47.5% of students achieved a grade 9-7 in Biology and Chemistry. With a strong suite of GCSEs, Acland Burghley students are now set and ready to embark on a variety of pathways and opportunities that are open to them.

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KS4 performance figures and links to KS4 and KS5 performance tables

Student destinations

99% of our Y11 leavers go on to post-16 compulsory education. Please see below for a full breakdown.



A level

Acland Burghley students joined other LaSWAP students to collect their A Level and BTEC results on Thursday 13 August 2020. The vast majority have accepted offers at their university of choice and some of the standout results/destinations are:

Sue Nolan
At ABS since Y7

Results: A Level Drama A*, History A, English Literature A*
Destination: UCL to study English

Alfie Sumner Smith
At ABS since Y7

Results: A level Maths A* , Further Maths A, Business A*, Physics A and Art B
Destination: University of Warwick to study Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE)

Joe Dwyer
At ABS since Y7

Results: A Level Maths A, Psychology A , Sociology A*,
Destination: University of Leeds to study Social Policy

Lia McDougall
At ABS since Y7

Results: A Level English Lit A, Sociology A, History B
Destination: University of Manchester to study Criminology with International Study

Julikram Tarafder
At ABS since Y7

Results: A Level Biology A, Chemistry A, Maths A
Destination: UCL to study Medicine

Katie Barton-Hackett

Results: BTEC Applied Science D*D*, Photography B
Destination: Dance school

We are incredibly proud of all our sixth form students and wish them well as they embark on the next exciting chapters of their lives.

KS5 performance

LaSWAP students are more successful in their university applications – 83% succeed compared to 72% nationally.

22% of LaSWAP students succeed in their Russell Group university applications, compared to the national average of 17%. In 2019, 44% of students achieved A*-B grades and 12% achieved A* or A grades.

KS5 progress, retention and destinations

  • The progress our students have made compared with students across the country:    -0.08
  • The average grade that students get at KS5: C -
  • The progress students have made in English: 0.67 (2017 figure. 2018 not published as cohort too small)
  • The progress students have made in Maths: 0.39
  • Retention (the proportion of students who get to the end of the main programme of study that they enrolled on): 90.3%
  • Destinations (this is the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study): 83% (2016 leavers data)