Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Religious Education develops students’ knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews, through an exploration of beliefs, practices and teachings.

It seeks to equip students not just to articulate their own responses to ultimate questions of spiritual truth but also to discover the basis of these responses. It also asks students to develop their own insights by engaging critically with responses different from their own and to come to a rational understanding of the similarities and difference between various positions. Through this critical engagement, students will be acquiring the skills to clarify and refine their own spiritual commitments.

Head of Humanities Faculty

Ayca Sonmez |

Subject Lead 

Luke Browne |  

Additional Teacher

Matthew Vickery | 




Autumn term 1: Introduction to Religious Education
Autumn term 2: History of Religion
Spring term 1: History of Religion
Spring term 2: Hinduism
Summer term 1: Hinduism

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Summer 2: Flying start - What does it mean to be Jewish in the 21st Century?

Autumn term 1: Is Buddhism still relevant today?
Autumn term 2: Who was Jesus?
Spring term 1: Christianity, what is it all about?
Spring term 2: If Britain was a Muslim country, how would life be different?
Summer term 1: If Britain was a Muslim country, how would life be different?


Autumn term 1: Alternative Religions
Autumn term 2: Alternative Religions
Spring term 1: What is Humanism?
Spring term 2: What is a person?
Summer term 1: Ethical dilemnas

Suggested reading

Daily newspapers to find out about topical ethical issues and The Religions Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.



Things to see and do

Visit local places of worship e.g. St Pauls Cathedral, London Central Mosque and Neasden Mandir.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

  • Y7 Hinduism trip to Bhakti Vedanta Manor Hindu Temple
  • Y9 Ethics of War trip to Belgium World War 2 battlefields

David Perrin from @Humanists_UK discusses how to be happy with our new Y9s in July 2018



Autumn term: Buddhism: beliefs and teachings, Christianity: beliefs and teachings
Spring term: Buddhism: practices, Christianity: practices                     
Summer term: Buddhism: practices, Christianity: practices, Mock Exam Revision


Autumn term: Religion: crime and punishment, Relationship and families
Spring term: Religion and life, Religion, peace and conflict
Summer term: GCSE exam revision


 Suggested reading

Daily newspapers to find out about topical ethical issues and AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Christianity and Buddhism Revision Guide.


Things to see and do

Visit local Christian churches and Buddhist temples.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

Y10 Buddhism trip to the London Buddhist Centre.


As part of the LaSWAP consortium, Acland Burghley offers a Religious Studies: Philosophy, Religion and Ethics A level.