The limits of my language means the limits of my world. 

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Welcome to English! Here you will meet a vast range of exciting and varied texts which we delve into in class. You will have the opportunity to discuss interesting topics, to write challenging essays and to create your own characters and stories. You will also be able to take part in competitions and go on exciting theatre and poetry trips.

Head of English Faculty

Esther Churchman | echurchman@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

Subject Leads

KS3: Lewis Goodacre  |  lgoodacre@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

KS4: Tara Vakil | tvakil@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 


Elizabeth Collins |  ecollins@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

Jonathan Holt |  jholt@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

Asma Khan | akhan@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

Rosie Kosky rkoskyhensman@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

Joanna Mullan |  jmullen@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

Anna Rimington | arimington@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

Sarah Lester  slester@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

Anja Donn | adonn@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk

Ross Hunter rhunter@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk  

Francesca Brown | fbrown@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

Daisy Whitchurch | dwhitchurch@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk 

English Medium Term Plans 

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Autumn term: What is poetry? ‘A Christmas Carol’

Spring term: Short Stories; Frankenstein (Stage Version).                                

Summer term: Non-Fiction - The Art of Persuasion; The Garbage King


Autumn term: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time; Macbeth.

Spring term: Place & Culture in Poetry; Non-Fiction - Writing about change.

Summer term: I am Thunder; Dystopian Fiction & Narrative Structure


Autumn term: An Inspector Calls; Of Mice & Men

Spring term: Global Perspectives on Conflict; Hamlet

Summer term: Greek Mythology; GCSE Modern Text


Suggested reading

The Day and non-fiction news articles. See the school reading list and refer to this website: schoolreadinglist.co.uk.

Useful websites

Things to see and do

  • Charles Dickens Museum

  • Sherlock Holmes Museum

  • British Library exhibitions

  • The Foundling Museum

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

  • Debate Mate

  • Creative Writing club



Autumn term: Romeo and Juliet; Language Paper 1   

Spring term: Conflict Poetry; Language Paper 2

Summer term: Conflict Poetry; Modern Text


Autumn term: 19th Century Novel; Romeo and Juliet

Spring term: Language Paper 1; Unseen Poetry; Modern Text 

Summer term: Revision


Suggested reading

19th Century novels; modern 20th century short fiction short stories; The Day and non-fiction news articles, modern drama, modern American literature, Shakespeare, contemporary war poetry collections, poetry from the Enlightenment and Romantic eras and reading for pleasure!

Useful websites

School reading list


BBC Bitesize

Seneca learning


Things to see and do

Dickens’ museum, The Globe Theatre, The National Theatre, The British Library, Southbank Centre poetry collection and events, History Walks in London.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

We run English intervention classes for KS4 and regular opportunities for trip events. Look out for Poetry LIVE! and theatre excursions as well as visiting authors and practitioners. Opportunities to be involved in Debate Mate and First Story creative writing will be available again this year.



Y11 Revision materials

GCSE English Language Timing of questions

English Language paper 1

 English Language paper 2

English Literature paper 1

A Christmas Carol


Jane Eyre

Jekyll and Hyde

Romeo and Juliet

Great Expectations

English Literature paper 2

Animal Farm

 Conflict Poetry

Unseen Poetry

A Taste of Honey



As part of the LaSWAP consortium, Acland Burghley offers the following A level courses: